Q: What is ACTIWHEY protein?

A: ACTIWHEY is a modified whey protein. Uniq Bioresearch Ltd.’s patented modification method increases the normal WPC’s (Whey Protein Concentrate) natural antioxidativity by 300 %. ACTIWHEY contains 20 % modified whey (ACTIWHEY) and 80 % regular whey.

Q: How long do one need to use ACTIWHEY to see results?

A: Benefits of using ACTIWHEY can usually be seen in one month.

Q: Why does it work?

A: Due to it’s high number of open (sulfide bonds) SH-groups, provides ACTIWHEY better antioxidantivity properties than regular whey protein, thus increasing ACTIWHEY’s health benefits.

Q: Is ACTIWHEY safe to use?

A: EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) has listed ACTIWHEY as a safe food product and an equivalent FDA GRAS Notification is pending.

Q: Where can I buy ACTIWHEY protein?

A: ACTIWHEY can be purchased throug our partner’s listed in the partner section on our website.

Q: What can I do to get the best benefits with ACTIWHEY?

A: ACTIWHEY is best when consumed in the morning as a shake or sprinkled on the morning meal. In addition, ACTIWHEY can be used after strenuous exercise as recovery drink.

Q: What if I by accident used too much ACTIWHEY?

A: ACTIWHEY is a food substance with good nutritious protein, there has been no adverse reactions from using more than the recommended 30 – 50 g per day. However, we do recomend that the daily allowance stay at the suggested doze.

Q: Does ACTIWHEY® contain a lot of sodium?

A: It contains only the natural amount of sodium found in milk.

Q: How much lactose does ACTIWHEY® have?

A: It contains 7,5g/100g and the low lactose version contains under 1g/100g.

Q: What does ACTIWHEY taste/ smell like?

A: Compared to many of the whey products on the market, ACTIWHEY is considered to be a good tasting whey protein. Closest to the taste to ACTIWHEY would probably be dry milk powder.

Q: How can I use ACTIWHEY?

A: Please check our website for top recipies for using ACTIWHEY in our RECIPES section.

Q: Can I use ACTIWHEY when I am pregnant or breast feeding?

A: Yes.

Q: How can I become an ACTIWHEY distributor?

A: For more information on dealer / distributoship please contact Uniq Bioresearch Ltd. Sales Department.

Q: What is the minimum purchase order amount for a distributor?

A: 100 pcs. of ACTIWHEY 800g bags.