Greetings from the Management

Thank you for your interest in ACTIWHEY® to whey protein!

ACTIWHEY® whey protein is a Finnish product, which has its roots in Kuusamo in the beautiful and pure nature. Raw materials come from small farms in the nearby area, which are collected and processed by Finns as the best possible source of nutrition for all our customers.

Whether you are an athlete or just craving for your health and a good diet for your interest in a person, ideal ACTIWHEY® supports your diet. ACTIWHEY® is fairly neutral in taste and is therefore suitable for mixing various foods, desserts or just to supplement long hours and agility.

We have collected a variety of recipes how to ACTIWHEY® can be applied in both breakfast and snacks – for recipes see here. We are very proud of our patented ACTIWHEY® whey protein powder, which already has proved its worth many times. Try it yourself how ACTIWHEY® is right for you, resellers can be found here.

Healthy ACTIWHEY® moments.

Chairman of the Board

Sari Äkräs