How to use ACTIWHEY®

ACTIWHEY® is easy to use and can be combined with almost any beverage or foods.

ACTIWHEY® has a really pleasant and natural taste which makes it easy to add it to any food to make your favorite meal healthier and more protein rich.

Try it in smoothies, yoghurts, dips or other dairy products for a healthier and smoother structure. You can even improve the texture of different pastries, pancakes and other baked goods.

If you like to add a rich texture or just experiment with ACTIWHEY®, add some to your hot chocolate, coffee, juices, soups or even mashed potatoes.

Mixing tip:
The easiest way to mix ACTIWHEY® into any beverage is to first add a tiny amount of liquid into the powder dose and mix it until it becomes and even paste before adding the rest of the liquid and mix properly. A blender or cocktail mixer can also be used if you have one.

ACTIWHEY® may get grainy if it is mixed with very hot liquids but it doesn’t affect the quality.