The ACTIWHEY story

Uniq Bioresearch Ltd was established in 1996 and since then the company has invested its efforts in developing health products based on whey protein. ACTIWHEY® is Uniq Bioresearch Ltd’s first active whey protein powder, which is intended for all who are interested in their health, or want to add a good protein into their diet. The company’s previous products have also been created in cooperation with Biomed Ltd e.g. for the brain and nervous system well-being, namely, NeuroWay. In the battle against oxidative stress, all cells need to consume the right kinds of fat compounds and antioxidants, which is combined in Neuroway.

New patents

Uniq has developed a gentle whey protein conversion method,
which has 3 different patents in over 10 different countries.

People’s well-being and sustainable development is a priority for us.

Uniqin products have been developed to improve the welfare of everyone.

Sustainable development is a top priority for Uniqin Bioresearch Ltd..

Only the best quality is good enough for us

Uniq Bioresearch Ltd.’s products are all made in Finland and only the best quality whey will meet our standards.