Frequently asked

What is ACTIWHEY protein?

ACTIWHEY® is a activated whey protein concentrate. Uniq Bioresearch Ltd.’s patented modification method increases the normal WPC’s (Whey Protein Concentrate) natural antioxidativity by 300 %. ACTIWHEY contains 80% Whey Protein Concentrate WPC75 and 20% Activated Whey Protein AWP.

Why does it work?

Whey protein contains naturally a lot of disulfide bonds (-S-S-). When these bonds are cleaved into active SH groups which act as a potent antioxidant. Regular whey contains naturally 1 active SH group, which makes whey already a healthy protein choise. With our patented method the amount of active SH groups are at least tripled, which intensifyes it’s antioxidantivity and detox properties compared to regular whey protein.

Is ACTIWHEY® safe to use?

Yes, it is except for those who has milk allergy. EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) has listed ACTIWHEY® as a safe food product.

What can I do to get the best benefits with ACTIWHEY®?

ACTIWHEY® is works best when consumed regularly. For example you can cosume it every morning in a fruit shake and in hot chocolate as an evening snack. ACTIWHEY® is really beneficial prior or after strenuous exercise as recovery drink.

What if I by accident used too much ACTIWHEY®?

ACTIWHEY® is a food substance with a suoerior nutrition profile and there has been no adverse reactions from using more than the recommended 30 – 50 g per day. However, we do recomend that the daily allowance stays at the suggested doze to avoid overcunsumption of proteins.

What does ACTIWHEY® taste/ smell like?

Compared to many protein products on the market, ACTIWHEY® has a pleasant and milky taste. The taste of ACTIWHEY® is really similar to dried milk powder.

Where can I buy ACTIWHEY® protein?

ACTIWHEY® can be purchased in well supplied health stores all over in Finland. I case you don’t find it in your local health store ask them to order ACTIWHEY® from Biomed Oy (distributor in Finland).